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Research-oriented institute focusing on public education policies and developing real-life integrated learning management for sustainable quality.







1Conduct educational research to create and develop holistic knowledge, innovation and policy on national education.


2Apply and promote educational wisdom and innovation in national public policies aiming to enhance sustainable education system and quality.


3Reinforce educational research and systemic development through ‘routine to research’, knowledge sharing and researcher network.


4Establish Ongkharak Demonstration School in Nakorn Nayok as the knowledge site for educational laboratory and research in order to develop integrated learning process; support SWU bachelor of education program; and provide educational prototype for the primary education scheme in Thailand.


5Provide academic knowledge and workshop on education to wider public and the nation.


6Promote and maintain Thai art and culture based on creative sufficiency wisdom.







1Promote academic research on public education policies to achieve innovative learning management and systemic development of education system.


2Propose policies on education management based on researches and systemic development.


3Support and facilitate research on public education policies based on educational demonstration in schools/learning centers and communities.


4Act as the center for providing guidelines for academic learning, training, workshop and services related to education.